Share Your Photos FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Share Your Photos?

How do I begin using Share Your Photos?

How do I let my guests know to use Share Your Photos at my event?

Can photos be downloaded from the app to my device?

How do I join an event?

How do I create an event?

How do I delete an event?

How do I see all of my events?

How do I edit the cover photo of my event?

How do I upload photos?

How do I view photos?

How do I enlarge/zoom in on photos?

How do I download a photo? How do I download all of the photos?

How do I print photos or create photo gifts from the app?

How do I invite others to join my event?

How do I remove someone from my event?

How do I use Share Your Photos from a computer instead of an app?

How do I find an event I've been invited to participate in?

How do I see who's joined my event?

Can you use this on both iPhone and Android?

Are the photos private or public?

How much does Share Your Photos cost?

Do I need to let my photographer know about Share Your Photos?

Can I see photos from the Event even if I don’t have any of my own to share?

Is there a maximum or minimum amount of Guests I can invite?

Can I access photos in an expired Event?